About the Lee County Libraries

Where are the Lee County Libraries? What services do they offer to Lee County residents?

Service to rural Lee County (Iowa) residents was established on July 1, 1978, when the Board of Supervisors signed a contract for library service with all five public libraries in Lee County:


Rural Lee County residents can approach any of the five Lee County libraries with photo identification and proof of current address to apply for a library card.  You will have to follow each library's registration process to obtain multiple cards.

Lee County Libraries - Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

Residents of the five incorporated cities in Lee County can check out at any Lee County library.  Bring your hometown library card, photo identification, and proof of current address to use the resources at another library.

Each library is unique, with its own policies set by its board of trustees, so you will have to ask what resources are available for non-residents.  For example, most libraries do not provide Inter-Library Loan to non-residents, but children's programs may be open to all.